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Estate Planning & Family Law Services

 Protect your loved ones as well as your estate with the help of John B. Raffaelle. Based in Collinsville, Illinois, his law office provides comprehensive legal assistance through every facet of your retirement planning or family situation.

Will Preparation - Estate Planning

Family Assistance

The welfare of your family is Mr. Raffaelle's top priority. He provides comprehensive support in regards to child support, divorce, and paternity suits.

Probate Law

From the filing of the will to the distribution of assets, Mr. Raffaelle assists in every part of state probate law. If you need to file an estate with the court, he helps you through probate court. Having an experienced lawyer on your side is necessary when you need help with distributing or liquidating the deceased's assets according to their will.

Complete Preparation

For estate planning, Mr. Raffaelle and his associates prepare your last will and testament for your convenience. They also provide power of attorney for property and health care cases.

Contact John B. Raffaelle to ensure the best needs for your family with his estate planning and probate law services.